Monday, December 24, 2012

I quit!

A while ago... Half way through August 2012 I had my last day at work and headed off into the sunset. A vacation was in order so I packed everything into the Subaru and my girlfriend and I headed to Vancouver island for 10 days of exploration. Strathcona park has a healthy mosiquito population, easily discovered at any of it's beautiful forest service campsites. Other sites of interest include the McLean steam powered sawmill museum in Port Alberni which was awesome and China creek campsite which I thought was going to be a remote getaway but turned out to be a sea of RV's and boats.

After this break from this city I returned to begin.... five years of school! I am going to become an engineer, not sure which branch is the most interesting but I'm leaning towards electrical or mechanical. I settled on Capilano University as they have a solid engineering transition program (rusty math skills need a refresher) and still cost a bit less than UBC. When I got there I discovered there's no club for people who build things, so I started one.
It's going well and I've started getting kits together to run some basic microcontroller mini-workshops. My classes have been mostly enjoyable and I managed excellent grades the first term. The spring term begins January 7th with a chemistry lecture and I can't wait.

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